About April

Hello, my name is April Ibarra Siqueiros and I’m an information professional that focuses on libraries and user experience.  I studied UX during my time in library school at Pratt Institute – it turned out that learning about it in a library and information science context was incredibly engaging.  My eternally curious mind makes me a natural fit in UX problem solving. Learning about how users think and operate has taught me to design with them and remain empathetic.

Aside from my library work I’ve also had the chance to work with start ups and small businesses to improve usability and design meaningful experiences.

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How I spend my free time


Painting, metalwork, knitting, printmaking are just a few of the ways I manifest this interest. I also have 4 Polaroid cameras and a DSLR that I use for concert photography.


Stargazing is one of my most favorite things to do. I go to lectures and astronomer events as much as I can throughout the year. My favorite moment is seeing Saturn (my favorite planet) through a telescope.


The library was my favorite place to visit growing up, which cultivated my reading obsession since 3rd grade. As something that fuels my imagination and expands my empathy, reading has remained one of my favorite pastimes.


1. Practitioner in the field of magic conjuring information from the chaos of the universe.

2. Person who uses terms, queries, and actions related to the retrieval of information from arcane sources.

3. Librarian.