The Weather Channel Diary Study

The focus of this study was to determine what the experience is like for users when using in day-to-day life.  Since checking the weather is something that is typically done daily, a diary study was an effective way to collect data from users.

In order to receive consistent results, it was decided that users would check on a desktop computer in Chrome since the layout varied depending on mobile phone and browser.

Three participants were to each fill out an online survey for three occasions after checking the weather.  The questions were based on the features made available by to determine if they are useful and usable. Diary Study Form

Once we received the survey entries, the data was analyzed and we determined the recommendations that would make the website more meaningful to use.  The full report includes suggestions for addressing problematic areas such as getting rid of clutter, removing features deemed annoying (particularly the videos), and providing a more clear starting point.

(link to report coming soon)