Favorite Resources

Here are some of the resources for user experience I find myself referencing often and find inspirational and creative.  (In the process of adding more!)

Just Enough Research by Erica Hall
User research and planning are crucial in the Human Centered Design and UX process. This book is a useful guide for choosing the most suitable forms of research depending on the project and helps you to learn how to identify the most effective way to go about it.

Creative Confidence by Tom & David Kelley
Oh, Ideo – they come out with so many gems. This book reinforces that creativity isn’t so much a talent as it is a way of operating. In UX, thinking creatively is a must and this gives you a boost on how to channel it.

Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon
The emphasis on process really makes this a valuable resource for documenting the progression of a project. This is also helpful when presenting a project to clients and stakeholders – giving them a glimpse of the process helps them connect the dots and understand design decision.

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UX is a Social Justice Issue by Sumana Harihareswara
Some think it’s a long shot to make connections between UX and social change, but for a while I felt it yet could not articulate why. When I came across Sumana Harihareswara’s keynote for Code4Lib’s 2014 conference all I could do is mentally yell, “Yes!!!” That solidified that I’m a user advocate.

Empathy: Defining, Realizing, and Facilitating by Seung Chan (Slim) Lim
Empathy is part of the core of UX and an essential skill to have and keep developing. I attended a workshop at UXPA NYC where Slim talked about empathy and then had everyone look into someone’s eyes for 30 seconds, increasing the time twice, then listen to their stories and retelling it back to them as an empathy exercise. This article is a great introduction to what empathy means and how designers can facilitate it.

There are a few UX puns and UXmas is my favorite. It’s pretty much “An advent calendar for UX folk.” Another reason to get excited for December!

Bad Robot Design
I discovered this site recently and it’s a great collector of UX things. Quotes, articles, stories, interviews in one place.

The UX Newsletter
Mail Chimp’s UX Newsletter is golden, as I’d expect. It comes out about once a month, sometimes twice, and is really engaging and fun to read. Mail Chimp just came out with an online UX Reader, which I’m dying to read and it’s only $5!

I had used this to attend a webinar once and ended up using it to conduct remote testing.

Paper and pencil
Basic tools but there’s something about using my hands to sketch flows, mindmaps, and layouts that lets ideas flow out.

Post-it notes
A flexible way to sort findings, create affinity groups, and use at any point of the design process to help with making decisions. I’ve also been playing around with the Post-it App, which digitizes the notes.

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